Gothic / Alternative Jewellery in Eco-Friendly Bamboo or Acrylic

Gothic / Alternative Jewellery in Eco-Friendly Bamboo or Acrylic


If you’re looking for dark and edgy, gothic and alternative jewellery that makes a bold statement, you’ve found the right place! You’ll find alternative and gothic jewellery to finish off any outfit; with necklaces, earrings and brooches to suit your style and budget. Make a statement and stand out – and remember, by buying from Beams and Bobbins not only are you getting something unique and individual (not to mention often limited edition pieces) you are supporting a one-woman independent UK business!

If the spirit  of Beams and Bobbins was bottled, its dark history would be a theatrical concoction of black magic and gothic stories; the bottle stickered with a  faded sepia label whose graphics combined sailor jerry tattoos and the anatomical sketchings of ancient mythical sea creatures. Pop the cork and you’d smell motorbike exhausts, mosh pits and rum.

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