Spirit, History, Stories

If the spirit  of Beams and Bobbins was bottled, its dark history would be a theatrical concoction of black magic and gothic stories; the bottle stickered with a  faded sepia label whose graphics combined sailor jerry tattoos and the anatomical sketchings of ancient mythical sea creatures. Pop the cork and you’d smell motorbike exhausts, mosh pits and rum.


spirit history story beams and bobbins profile pic

So this mug shot is me, Calida Hartley-Potts, the creative force behind Beams and Bobbins – circa 2018.  I like tattoos, piercings, bright hair and black clothes; motorbikes and metal music; ghost stories and old architecture. 

 You’ll find my studio in Sparrowpit, Derbyshire; in the garage of my country cottage home.  My studio truly is my sanctuary of calm and i feel massively privileged that people support my business enough to take it beyond just a hobby; although whilst it is a sanctuary of calm, you’ll usually find me blasting some heavy rock or metal music.

You’ll find me undertaking every single aspect of my little business  – for instance not only the designing, making, admin and postage; but the cleaning, tidying and tea mashing. Not to mention the website building (i know i really should hire a pro!), social media, admin and other less interesting bits. 


Before Beams and Bobbins came into existence,  firstly I studied at BIAD, UCE, Birmingham gaining a First Class degree in Theatre Design in 2005.  Initially I worked in the Theatre and TV industry for a number of years in all areas (set design, costume, props, TV) before training as a  technology teacher in 2007. From 2008 I worked as Subject Leader / Assistant Faculty Leader, leaving this profession in 2017 to further develop my business.  Throughout all these career changes one thing was consistant though – my creative flair and design ability.

The seeds of Beams and Bobbins began in 2015 after purchasing a laser cutter for my home studio; becoming a near full-time business in July 2017. I say ‘near’ full-time, because in addition to this business i also work for The Crafty Hen company, ComputerXplorers and Treak Cliff Cavern – i really do have a random and broad skillset!


From 2015 – 2017 i experimented a lot and designed things i thought people would buy; not quite finding the real spirit of the brand until 2017 when i designed my simple Deaths Head Moth necklace; becoming a key part of  Beams and Bobbins history as it became the basis of my logo and all future branding. It was this piece that made me realise i needed to keep to the dark/edgy aesthetic that i myself loved. 

Bamboo gothic alternative jewellery by beams and bobbins

The inspiration for my designs usually come from anything dark and unusual – things that are witchy, supernatural or occult; bugs and insects or beastly creatures;  imagery and characters found in old and folklore or mythology; or maybe graphics and imagery around the rock/metal and tattoo culture.  In other words if its a little bit strange, i’ll love it!  


In my (limited) free time from my multiple jobs, being a foster mum to a teen, or walking my dog and looking after my little brood of chickens and ducks;  I like to go to rock/metal gigs and festival;  ride my motorbike and perform in my band Trinity Road.

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