Ratatoskr Refill Booklet/Notepad


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My none-jewellery item this collection is this A6 wooden refillable notepad/booklet illustrated and hand-painted with the playful Ratatoskr character. Front and back wooden covers are held together with hinged hoops which can be opened to allow you to refill with paper of your own choice. Get recycling and use up any old scrap paper – just use a standard hole punch and clip together. Comes beautifully packaged with care card, illustrated info-graphic and free Beams and Bobbins gift  (for the purposes of gifting, prices are never displayed on pieces) and includes free postage.


Ratatoskr, in Norse mythology, is a trouble-making squirrel that lives on the tree of life known as Yggdrasil. He spends his time as a messenger to the gods but is also known for fuelling the spiteful relationship between the eagle who lives the top of the tree and Nidhoggr a dragon/serpent creature who lives at the bottom. Nidhoggr lives coiled in the roots of the tree and it is thought that Ratatoskr’s meddling between him and the eagle causes much destruction to the tree of life – as Nidhoggr tries to collapse the tree in order to get revenge for the things that the eagle has said about him, and the eagle plucks at the branches to get at Nidhoggr. It appears to some that Ratatoskr is intent on destroying the tree himself but as he lacks the strength and ability to do so he stirs trouble between the eagle and Nidhoggr.


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